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Here is the news you have been waiting for if you desperately need leads
Start Getting  Leads Today
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The better aspect of the news is that you don’t just have access to more leads than you could ever want, by committing yourself to this course few minutes of every day, you are guaranteed to make thousands of dollars every month! 

Imagine! If you woke up every morning and don’t have to worry about where your next leads will come from? Imagine if those same leads are more than ready to be converted to paying clients?

This simply means you don’t have to worry about your next paycheck. Since you have a database of prospective clients who are just waiting to hear from you!

This is an irrefutable way to support your business and generate maximum returns.
Yet, this isn’t an internet panacea that will deliver overnight wealth to your hands, it is simply a tool that has the capacity to build a rock-solid business for you if you optimize it and I will help you understand the science of it just about now…

Thousands of businesses are on the lookout for your services and WANT to be found by YOU!

You only need to know how to reach them and that is what Premium Biz Leads is about….the connection.

But if you are anything like most marketers and freelancers out there, you have been feeding and acting on the wrong advice for a very long time.

You have probably been searching Google and trying to poach leads that have no interest in your business. Apart from the time and resources consuming nature of that approach, there is no guarantee that it will work for you as you have no systematic way of sorting who really needs your services and to what extent from your prospective leads.

with Premium Biz Leads, there are only two things that matter:
  • The service you have to offer
  • A list of ready and waiting high-target list
Even if you have never sold any business to any business before, so long as you have something to offer, and you are reading this, you can make $100 dollars per hour a reality.

Just in case you are wondering what I have really been saying here that you don’t already know, here is where things get real…

There is an aspect of business and other businesses can kill, or as concerns you, pay heavily for, and it is visual content management.

The better part of this opportunity is that while businesses will pay arm and tooth for this service, you don’t need to bag a PhD or have tons of years of marketing experience.

Based on statistics, every smart business (now, we don’t want to have anything to do with the dumb ones do we?) either has visual content or NEEDS it. And that, my dear, is your $4000 or more/month paycheck since most businesses actually come under the latter category.

Now, these businesses don’t know how easy it is to create videos because their winds are blown away by its effectiveness. Video contents have wider reach and engagement than other mainstream marketing options. It boosts their profit, affects their scalability and increases demands for their products. It means they are willing to pay much for it since they are seeing it through the results perspective. You are the one who knows Video Maker FX makes the job easier. Even if you are not interested in making the videos yourself, just find someone who is good at it, pay them the standard price and walk pocket the remainder. It’s that easy.

This is where you will be tempted to go to Google in search of leads, and this is where everything you have learnt so far wouldn’t make a difference if you do just that. I will tell you why…

Any lead you get from Google is generic. You can’t sort them out through any systematic data. This means you can’t approach them on you-have-a-problem-i-can-fix-it angle. You have to first ask sniff around and ask questions to know how you can matter. Now, this not only takes time, it reduces your credibility as well as your worth. Even if you have labored and finally generate some leads, converting them to sales would be hectic and when you do, you won’t be paid well enough for your efforts. Sufficing this is to say you will work harder than your payment compared to when you use Premium Biz Leads.

In fact, while many marketing guru out there will send you to Google to seek leads, few of them pull through with that approach. Many just give up midway and try something else. This also explains why so many marketers declare that it’s a difficult tasks.

And this is also the point where you are willing to part with $2000 dollars to pay some smart pro to show you the “real” and “authentic” way. Don’t do it!

You can build your own business empire and you wouldn’t have to spend such huge amount to do that. You can connect with leads that are ready to become sales without additional effort. You can find those who are already SEARCHING for YOU without paying some marketing god to show you the way. It isn’t difficult, it’s just strategic and Premium Biz Leads is the right strategy for the kind of result any marketer dreams of.

Smart Marketers Use
PBL is a lead finding automation system that screens leads for you right to the most specific detail. With these two steps, you will be on your merry way to pocketing some heavy paychecks:
  • Enter the keyword and location of your prospective clients
  • You will receive a neatly arranged and ordered list of fresh leads from Premium Biz Leads.
  • Based on your preference, Premium Biz Leads can activate interaction by sending the first mail for you.
  • The leads generated are real and authentic. 
There you have it, no trolling Google or following dead-end streets. Just marketing that is done the smart and most productive way.
Here are chief reasons you should choose Premium Biz Leads.
Find hot prospects without any research
Premium Biz Leads helps you to generate new leads in a matter of minutes. You search by keywords and location, and you have your next paycheck staring you in the eye. No heavy lifting, no trolling, no dead-end poaching. You have your next set of clients at the click of the “begin” button.
Develop your craft
You can convert your one time clients to regulars when you offer them a service that satisfies. How can you do this if you spend the chunk of your time seeking them in the first place? Premium Biz Leads frees up time for you to develop your craft so that your reach can expand and your business can grow.
Gain Financial Security
You not only set your pace with Premium Biz Leads, you also set your rate. How much you charge is dependent on you 100%. Video hungry clients have a lot to part with as they have a lot to gain from your service. So, make them pay.
Make easy sales
Since Premium Biz Leads is an automation tool that finds your clients in minutes, you can seek the hottest and most ready clients, seal the deal and search some more. There are no time and space limitations here.
Run a successful business empire
Everyone loves a success story and your own can be too if you leverage on the power of Premium Biz Leads. You would be able to tell your friends and family about how many deals you have closed and how fast it was. Everyone would be proud of your efforts that are actually paying off.
No cold call or hard sell
Since with Premium Biz Leads, you don’t just find your clients, you can warm them up and speak to them one-on-one, you don’t need to cold call them or hard sell to them and they will still be glad to hear from you.
You can follow up on your leads
With the geo-locking and local search options, no lead is wasted. You can be sure that every lead you pursue is worth the effort and you can reach them when the need arises.
Ease of use
This is one of the easiest-to-use automation tools. You don’t need to brush up any technical skills before making the most of it. With keyword and location entry, you are on your way to making the next sales.
Establish your credibility
This is a great advantage provided by Premium Biz Leads. You can easily address the weaknesses and needs of your leads and establish your authority in that regard.
With the fixed fee, here is how the world opens up to you…
As Premium Biz Leads generates fresh leads for you, it searches through web pages and downloads as well as analyzes them based on the key elements of the video algorithms used. It also provides social media and SEO data. You are therefore able to satisfy your clients better and cash in on them the more.
Here are other powerful Premium Biz Leads Features:
Video profiler
The video profiler makes use of multiple advanced search algorithms in finding and analyzing business webpages as well as the wealth of data they contain. It then organizes the data and presents them for your perusal. You can immediately see which of your targeted leads have videos, broken videos, missing links, needs upgraded video and many more loops that can serve as your opportunity.
Automated email outreach
When you have decided on your next client, you can use Premium Biz Leads to start your outreach campaign. This is done via email and you can choose your editor, template and also add your details to the email before sending. The entire process is fast, professional and secure. The email outreach has the following pros:
  • Opt out option 
  • Data and contact download
  • Email HTML editor is easier to run
  • API integration allows you to sync up your favorite clients 
Social data and SEO
with Premium Biz Leads, it is about much more than the video. You can run multiple tasks to keep things both fast and efficient. This means you can run a lot of checks and synchronize data for best results.
Other features include:
  • Set up wizard
  • Geo Lock
  • Export data and leads
  •  Advanced YouTube and API integration
  • Video guides for each sessions
Why choose Premium Biz Leads
This is more than software to make lead generation easy. It is a whole new game changer that can provide a solid and consistent advantage to sourcing and pleasing clients. It also provides a great opportunity for you to diversify as you don’t even have to do any of the work yourself. You can outsource the jobs and pocket the difference. 

Now, remember all these discussions have been about the video!

It is the easiest way to make money online and it works for anyone who is willing to give it a chance.
If you are new to offline consulting,

Here is why you should choose Premium Biz Leads:
You will be serves the safest and easiest prospects for start. This means you don’t have to worry about skills that aren’t yet brushed up. Your interaction with these easy clients will brush up your skills and also serve as a basis to connect you to the next set of clients.

With Premium Biz Leads, it isn’t just about getting you started, it is about being with you all the way through. 

If you are an experienced marketer, While you are making your sales as consistently as possible, Premium Biz Leads will help you to widen your reach and expand your portfolio. This means we will help you expand your business which is what you are concerned about. 

You can set your sight on high ticket clients who will serve as your constant basis. Now, every great business needs some of those to continue to dominate in their niche. 

How Premium Biz Leads can make you
It’s entirely up to you; it’s entirely in your hands. You get to set your standards and your limit with Premium Biz Leads. You can sell your services from a minimum of $100/hr. to whatever amount your client is willing to pay, you have also seen that you can outsource the work if you have other things to attend. 

There really is no limit with Premium Biz Leads, just endless possibilities and opportunities.
With Premium Biz Leads, you won’t just find one or two clients; you will have access to hundreds of them within minutes. Surely, it doesn’t get better than that.

In fact, if you opt in now, there is a red hot discount offer that will dazzle you. But you have to opt in now as the clock is ticking on that one in a lifetime offer!

Premium Biz Leads is going public for only this short time and it will be the only time for a long while. So, take advantage and hurry now.

Run your business from anywhere at any time… but do things fast
There is no spatial limitation if you only need leads to run your business and you know us. You can go run it from a cave if you so wish.

But the leads are not always going to be there if you don’t act now…and you don’t have much time left.

Just visit (link) and you will get the heavily discounted offer for Premium Biz Leads.
You can wait till some other time and some other offer, but why should you when there is this on-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get Premium Biz Leads for just (price). And this comes with a fully kitted and unshakable guarantee.

While I admit Premium Biz Leads if easy to use, don’t start thinking that reduces its potency in any way. When it comes to selling videos to businesses, it is the most powerful lead prospecting tool you have come across and you can try it out for the next 30 days for FREE. If you don’t validate our claim within the period, just send a mail and you will get a full refund.

With Premium Biz Leads, you can even keep records of the leads generated for future communication. It only takes a few minutes but you can rest knowing that the most tedious work you have as a businessman is the few minutes you spend on Premium Biz Leads.

You can’t have it better than this and with the hardest part taken care of by your most trusted automation tool, you can make some phone calls, send some emails and settle your paycheck for the week, and you are still in your Pajamas.

Life is really good and easy when you use the right tool isn’t it?

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